Liel Bomberg

A dynamic entrepreneur and designer from Tel Aviv and New York, specializing in digital and queer culture. With a proven track record in fashion, art, and nightlife, I excel in creating innovative, gender-inclusive designs and experiences.


(2022) Entrepreneurial Accelerator, Presentense
(2014 - 2018) Bachelor of Design, Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art.
(2010) Photography Course, IDF
(2008 - 2010) Film studies, Ahad-Haam


(2019) Eye on Design, The American Institute of Graphic Arts (2012) Best Film, 48 Film Festival
(2010) Best Script, Jerusalem Film Festival


◦ (2023) ‘A Wishlist for the Apocalypse’, Azrieli Gallery, Jerusalem◦ (2023) ‘City Stories Collection’, City Museum, Tel Aviv
◦ (2023) ‘Video Games’, Freedom night at Tel Aviv City Hall
◦ (2022) ‘ULTRA Runway Show’, The Platform, Tel Aviv
◦ (2021) 'How to make friends online', Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv
◦ (2019) 'Collectivists', House of Artists, Tel Aviv
◦ (2019-2020) 'Pag TLV', Several showcases across Europe
◦ (2018) 'Francophilie', Tel Aviv Museum of Art & Teder

◦ (2018) 'Graduates', Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art.
◦ (2018) '', Solo Exhibition, Virtual Space
◦ (2018) 'Publishing', Old Town Jaffa
◦ (2017) 'Depth, Jaffa Museum
◦ (2015) 'La Culture', Mazeh 9




⦾ Proficient in developing captivating brand identities and delivering essential guidance to marketing teams. Experienced in ensuring consistency and ecectiveness across marketing strategies to elevate brand visibility and influence.
◦ Marketing Designer 
◦ Consultant


ULTRA Complex

⦾ Founded ULTRA Complex, an innovative activewear brand dedicated to celebrating gender expression.
⦾ Spearheaded sustainable practices and responsible technology utilization within the fashion industry.
⦾ Directed a multicultural team based in Tel Aviv, prioritizing diversity in design and craftsmanship.

◦ Founder
◦ Graphic Designer


Studio 50x70cm

⦾ Established a global, multi-disciplinary studio specializing in graphic design, branding, and art direction.
⦾ Delivered cutting-edge solutions worldwide, excelling in digital art direction, website design, interactive media, and 3D animation.

◦ Notable Clients—

Converse, Eurovision, Shenkar, Tel Aviv Museim, Mindspace, NYX Hotels, Telavivian, Haoman 17, Soho House, Tal Maslavi, Qwak, Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv Municipality, Smirnoff, R2M, and more.
◦ Founder
◦ Art Director


⦾ Established gggaaallleeerrryyy, a platform for curating emerging art and design showcased via social media channels.
⦾ Orchestrated art events, workshops, and discussions, broadening cultural engagement to a wider audience.
◦ Founder
◦ Creative Director


“How To Make Friends Online”

Designed and curated a new creative space, bustling with activity, that bridges both digital and physical experiences to build a new hybrid environment. Showcased various creatives from all over the world (Canada, USA, Germany, China, Israel, Palestine, Australia & Vietnam)
◦ Curator
◦ Producer
◦ Coordinator


⦾ Initiated the "pag_lab" collective, fostering collaboration among artists, photographers, dancers, and other creatives.
⦾ Elevated the discourse surrounding beauty and aesthetic diversity within the nightlife community.

◦ Founder


Alphabet Club
Phi Garden

⦾ Introduced a distinctive visual identity for Alphabet Club, a cultural landmark in Tel Aviv, fostering ongoing dialogue with clubbers and evolving the brand's persona.
◦ Art Director
◦ Creative Director


Indie Gallery

⦾ Spearheaded a digital revitalization for Indie Gallery, revitalizing its public image with a contemporary brand identity.
◦ Brand Identity
◦ Social Media


Creative Disorder Studio

⦾ Led ideation and design initiatives at a diverse multi-disciplinary agency, producing compelling designs and robust strategies for varied clientele.
◦ Senior Graphic Designer



⦾ Spearheaded the expansion of PAG TLV into a prominent movement at the forefront of techno culture, fashion, multimedia expression, and nightlife.
◦ Owner
◦ Creative Director