How to make friends online ☺ A solo exhibition by Liel Bomberg ➠ 22.④-22.⑤.2021

In today’s oversaturated digital world, we find ourselves immersed in elaborate virtual performances - assembling and disassembling parts of our identities, masquerading and marketing ourselves in cyberspace - whether consciously or not. How aware are we of the complex interrelationships between reality and the virtual places we consume? In recent years, Bomberg has explored the delicate line between our private life experiences and those we carefully place on display online for the world to see.

The inception of the internet and social networking communities has led to the deconstruction of personal and abstract ideas of who we really are, blurring the lines between truth and fiction. In his show "How to make friends online," Bomberg flips the story and explores the ways in which virtual spaces can be represented and shown in the real world.

In Bomberg's first solo exhibition, "How to make friends online" presents a broad spectrum of images, both fantastical and ordinary, created in collaboration with various creatives online - artists, designers, programmers, dancers, strippers, drag queens, influencers and more. Together, they designed a new shared space, bustling with activity, that bridges both digital and physical experiences to build a new hybrid environment.

Using advanced technology, we have all become photographers and documentarists. What was once reserved for professionals and darkrooms has become an accessible and mobile device that we carry with ourselves everywhere we go. The power dynamic has been flipped on its head because now, anyone with online access has the potential to curate content. The medium of photography has expanded its boundaries to the point where everything created through a lens becomes an image that can be spread to millions of people with one click.

“How to make friends online” seeks to define photogrphy as one of many elements that play a defining part in contemporary culture, bridging the IRL to the URL. The exhibition is followed by a wide educational program that will serve as a platform for artists and creators from various fields. Gallery talks, performances, and live stream events in real-time will welcome various creators to join the conversation and offer their perspectives, to encourage the discussion about technology’s effects on our past, present, and future selves.

A solo exhibition by Liel Bomberg showcasing collaborations with

Aliyah Hoff, ERA (Toronto), ERRANTH (Mexico City), Eyal Chowers (New York), Ben Zaiger, gggaaallleeerrryyy Team, Guy Assif, Itamar Harel, Itzik Vakil, Karin Kimel (Berlin), HRZG, Itaaai (Berlin), Matthew Chen (Vancouver), Michal Elyakim, Nancy Schnider, Nir Abergil, Noa Simhayof Shahaf, Ohad Peleg, Omer Shachar, Oren Knaan, Orian Spivak, Original Sin Boys Live, Or Sultany, Or Tseiri, PAG TLV Collective, Rock Hojerat, Sa'ar Matalon, Sadan Records, Shachar Atwan, Shahaf Mor, Shira Shvadron Movement in Capture, Tair Adato (New York), Tal Fudim, Tal Ziv, Tomer Versace, Tom Segev Anis7k, Yoel Peled, Yuval Kritshtein (Sydney), Wifiovermybody (Shanghai)

Indie Photography Group Gallery

Tue-Thu ꒰ ͜͡➸ 12-19 & Weekends ✷ 11-14 

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