50x70cm is a studio run by Liel Bomberg working for clients in both cultural and commercial fields focusing on social media, brand identity and art direction.
Liel is a BFA Design graduate from Shenkar - Engineering. Design. Art. His work was featured on AIGA Eye on DesignGayletterHaaretz, Mixmag and more.
Founder of "pag_lab" collective which challenges the conventional format of queer nightlife and expanding it into new artistic domains.
Selected Clients include the European Union, Tel Aviv City, Converse, Indie Gallery, Eurovision Song Contest, Shenkar, Mindspace, NYX Hotels, Tel Avivian and more.

Pag tlv

Co-Owner, Creative Director 


Pug, founded in 2003, is the oldest proud party line in Tel AvivI joined in 2011 as a photographer, and in 2015 I continued as a partner, creative director and graphic designer with my brand identity and artistic direction under my responsibility. We also showcase our unique style in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eilat, as well as London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Warsaw, St. Pittsburgh and Kiev - with special shows, a series of podcasts hosting various musicians and varying cultural events.

My main goal was to bring the phage to cultural status. Through a mix of music, diverse art forms and collaborations with various artists, I was able to form a community that is at the forefront of Tel Aviv's nightlife.

We all find our common denominator in the nightlife scene, where we can express our art in a safe space, across the gender spectrum and encourage breaking of social conventions. Fighting transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism and aggression of any kind.

Digital engraving on perspective box, 127 manual foil tabs
Graphic Design, Product Design, Expiremantal
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli


Print Design,


Shalom Meir Tower, the first skyscraper in Tel Aviv and Israel and the tallest built in its time in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, was and still is an icon - both cultural and personal. This work examines the definition of the concept of 'Icon', who are my icons and for how long they are kept as such.

By adjusting the sizes of the tower to the dimensions of a book, I created an object (perspective box) that simulates the Shalom Tower, which contains 127 Foil tabs (inspired by the tower height - 127 meters). Each tab shows my personal icon from a variety of areas: TV and cinema, sports, various products, singers, the gay community, etc. Each tab is designed individually, based on the icon it displays, and with the help of a heating machine the foil is made.

The Icon concept is seen in our eyes as glittering, colorful and attractive, while in reality every icon does not stand alone and sometimes even in chaos, mess and disintegration - so the manual print on the foil convey the message to me the best.

Digital engraving on perspective box, 127 manual foil tabs
Graphic Design, Product Design, Expiremantal
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli


Jewelry Design, Art Direction


As part of marking the 17th anniversary of the establishment of the Pag party line, I decided to go out of business and produce a series of events and activities that will also enhance the sense of community among the Pug crowd and will be perpetuated and sustained over time. I created a new and unique image that combines the visual values of the phage logo with the number 17, which led the entire project and createdA festive sense of uniformity that surrounds all of the following:

Events 17 - A marketing campaign centered around various digital and print platforms across the city, preparing the ground for a huge party, where we hosted a total of 40 artists, DJs, and performers who accompanied the phage over the years.

Jewelry Collection - Design, Design, Development and Creation of Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Sold to Order in a variety of boutiques across the city of Tel Aviv and the Internet.

Print Workshop - Production and hosting of a web print workshop for all staff and the phage family, where they took their old clothes and accessories and transformed them into new and glam-filled items, with unique prints and custom designs.
A collaboration with Cedar Jewelry & Karin Kimel
Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Digital


Short Film, 


Single Virtual Space Exhibition: Social Networks (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) and Music Services (Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud), featured in the Shenkar Alumni Exhibition

My final project in the Visual Communications Department, Shankar is a multi-screen installation that simulates the multitude of options available in the online dating app. Each person experiences the work from a personal perspective, through the mobile phone, physical installation at the show or on all social networks. The work concentrates on the representation of real and impersonation, the need for attention, addiction, desire and self-image.

r3al.me is a cross-platform project that takes place simultaneously in a classic exhibition space but actually serves as a sort of "teaser" that markets a clip of a fictitious musical composition specifically created for the exhibition and can only be viewed online.I took part in every aspect of the project - from directing and producing, through dressing and casting to producing and editing music and video, all with documentation and regular accompaniment on social networks while today, two years later, it still exists.

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Presented at Shenkar Graduates 2018 Exhibition
Musical Production︎︎︎ Ohad Peleg DOP︎︎︎ Alex Lieberman Remix︎︎︎ album Yotam Avni, Tivi.Ovt, Amichai Matias, Dan Orbach, Itai, Swords, Lava Doom, and Medell Ski Boom
Participants︎︎︎ Jonathan Krem, Yuval Kritzstein, Tomer Versace, Amitai Shulman, Guy Michaeli, Crescent Shalev, Kfir Shamgar, Mich Kowalski, Omar Perlman Strix, Jonathan Grindel and Asaf Yonesh
Thanks to︎︎︎ Tal Podud, Doron Mustay, Yossi Ziv, Hanna Hamam, Omar Shahar, Eyal Hovers, Leon Coca, Shahaf Moore, Michael Liani, Phytosi Photo Services and the Visual Communication Department at Shenkar

Indie Gallery

Identity, Logo Design 


Tel Aviv non-profit gallery. Indie works with the desire to expand the discourse around the art of photography and video in the country. The group consists of 13 artists engaged in this medium, differing from each other but together creating an eclectic and challenging visual fabric.

Photography has always been a big part of me and the premise that built who I am today - from my military service as a military photographer in the military film unit, through my work as a photographer assistant to a career as an independent photographer. Throughout these years I had an affinity for images, but I knew that the world of photography alone did not satisfy me and so I chose the direction of visual communication.

My request to join the gallery in 2019 came from my desire to integrate into the art world from a visual treasures center that focuses on creating and compiling images in a way that challenges the viewer but at the same time is relevant, accessible and contemporary, so I was accepted as the first non-graduate degree in art.

In addition, I took on the role of the graphic designer of the gallery, with the main thing I was working on was rebuilding the gallery's presence in the public space and the virtual space. From rebranding which included creating a contemporary logo consisting of the original logo, creating up-to-date event invitations (print and digital) through designing an art book and building social networking and online presence culminating in the Corona era where we conducted virtual tours of the gallery.
The logo is used as a "Presperto" which adapts to different sizes and ratios per image
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Social Media
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, 2017 Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli

Alphabet Club

Art Director


Spread over three spaces, and beyond being a stage for expression, creation and liberation, the alphabetic consciousness protects those present in it from socially accepted hierarchies in society.As the graphic designer, content manager and social director of the Tel Aviv club, under my responsibility was the club's overall branding along with designing every event that took place there.

Thanks to the creation of a clear futuristic industrial-inspired design line (with three guiding colors - yellow, red and black), on which many ancillary products were based, the brand's presence and identity have evolved and intensified in the city's vanity community.

Digital engraving on perspective box, 127 manual foil tabs
Graphic Design, Product Design, Print Desin
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, 2017
Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli

Phi Garden

Creative Direction, 


Juice bar combined with alcohol used as a "community garden" in the heart of Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv. The pie is open non-stop throughout the weekend (Friday to Sunday). Everything is self-service, giving customers maximum freedom of movement, no space required. The garden hosts a wide variety of special events, growing from its unique and diverse community.

As the creative director and graphic designer of the pie, it was important for me to create the full experience of a warm and cozy place for the visitor, providing security to his guests day and night. Beyond designing, branding and marketing the place, I had a free hand in managing content and events in all their forms - lectures, viewing evenings, drag shows, various workshops and diverse activities.In honor of the pride events celebrations in 2019, I promoted a collaboration with Mindspace (a company that leases shared workspaces) that is in the same pie complex and shares the same values on the subject.

For the benefit of the campaign, I designed an endless rainbow icon that appeared in every part of the campaign - from posters, stickers, branded bandanas, Instagram AR filters, installation on Rothschild Boulevard, a video campaign and event program spread across Pride Week.

Images by Tom Marshak & Mor Bell
Graphic Design, Product Design, Print Desin
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, 2017
Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli


Video, Fashion Design 


The name Waseme is there in the Swahili language, the main spoken language in Africa, which is given to babies of all genders, and means "let them talk". Gender inequality in Africa is one of the most talked about topics in the continent, raising difficulties in economics, education and daily life.

As part of the project, we needed to demolish and rebuild existing conventions and, in effect, create a new avenue where African residents, in general, and women in particular, could have the opportunity to advance them not only between men and women, but among all people, in all areas.

With the rebranding and fashionable innovation and combination of both, we aimed to reach a wide audience around the world. We wanted to make noise and at the same time raise awareness, all through local produce and creation.

On a practical level, following in-depth research, we have translated the stripes and colors of local traditional wedding clothes and ceremonies into a new technique that produces the same fabric from contemporary raw material.

Fashion Design Naama Livna
DOP Alex Liberman 
Models Eyal Chowers and Daria Rubicek
Graphic Design, Product Design, Print Desin
A project in collaboration and accompanied by The Wharton School of Business, which combines research, business perspective, fashion and visual communication as part of the undergraduate degree in visual communication, Shankar.


Founder, Curator


The phage is the line for techno queer parties in Tel Aviv. As part of the desire to give the stage to young artists. Young and promising.

To create in a nightclub is very different from the field of the art world. If the white cube is a restricted place with rules and conventions of what is allowed and what is forbidden, the nightclub is exactly the negative of it; The black cube. It is unlimited and the audience in the club receives and needs art with sympathy.

As the owner of the phage, I founded pag_lab, a collective that combines artists, strippers, photographers, photographers, dancers who work and create in the nightlife. pag_lab works for non-commercial works, and hosts collaborations with new artists. It aims to expand the discourse on the marginalized culture and stretch the boundary between beautiful and ugly.

One of the things I most believe in is total freedom. All collaborators, of course, receive full accompaniment, but are free to do whatever they think is right - as much as possible, bold and subversive.I spend most of my time researching, watching, and searching for the next big thing, the most relevant topics or creators of tomorrow. I then initiate the communication that leads to the collaboration, the creative process and ultimately the final project.
Images made in a collaboration with
Maayan Toledano, Alon Shastelm Shalev Ariel & Guy Nechmad Stern
Presented at the Depth Exhibition, Jaffa Museum, 2017
Curators: Michal Fausenek and Hila Shaltieli

For work collaboration feel free to contact via file@50x70cm.com or Instagram (Personal/Studio)